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11th Feb 2021

WATCH: Dublin lad perfectly sums up the magic of Xtra Vision in gas video

Brian Dillon

WATCH: Dublin lad perfectly sums up the magic of Xtra Vision in gas video

Life was so much simpler when Friday nights were spent browsing the array of titles in Xtra Vision. Nowadays, we have everything at the click of a button, which is great. But there was a certain rewarding element of the Xtra Vision movie hunt.

Self-proclaimed toxic spirit guide Meditations For The Anxious Mind has summed up the pure joyous nostalgia of Xtra Vision in this gas Instagram video.

“Have you ever wondered why you feel worthless and struggle to find meaning in anything you do anymore? Don’t worry, I have. It’s because they shut down Xtra Vision.

“Xtra Vision was a central aspect of the life of the Irish family in the early 2000s. A trip to Xtra Vision became the Friday night ritual in the hearts and minds of the nation.

“Upon entering this palace of warmth and decision, you would stare blankly at DVDs in the New releases section for 20 minutes without actually seeing any of them.

“The red and yellow colour scheme made you feel safe, even though you definitely weren’t.”

The skit also takes a gas tangent to explain how the end of the chain was essentially the catalyst to the financial crash as it was the “final flap of the butterflies wings that caused the economic downturn”. I mean, it makes sense?

Watch the full hilarious skit below.

While we’re on this journey down memory lane, this clip of an old the iconic movie rental shop will give you serious nostalgia.

After everything we’ve been through lately, I think we need video rental shops back ASAP. It was pure magic.

This lad has loads of other skits on things like Covid sea swimmers, Central Bank emos, Busaras, Copper Face Jacks and loads more.

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Image via Meditations For The Anxious Mind on Instagram.