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20th Jul 2020

Beloved Temple Bar restaurant announces it is closing indefinitely

James Fenton

The Boxty House in Temple Bar has announced that it will be closing indefinitely after a brief reopening last week.

A restaurant that relies heavily on the tourism industry, Gallagher’s Boxty House reopened last week after some Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. However, owner Pádraic Óg Gallagher announced last night that they will be closing once more, for the time being at least.

A post on Instagram reads: ‘Well we gave it a try but unfortunately things are still a bit too quiet for us to reopen the Boxty House.

‘Thanks to everyone who came in this week, it was lovely being back, even if for a short while. We will be back once things have improved a bit but for now its not where we need it to be.

‘We are working on one or two other projects and we feel we would be better off focusing on them. Thanks again to all our friends and guests. See you sooner rather than later.’

A sad day for the city centre and something that is, unfortunately, a sign of the times. At least the door has been metaphorically kept open for The Boxty House to serve its delicious stews and coddles in Temple Bar once more. We popped in last year to get a taste of that coddle for ourselves and you can read our review here.

In the meantime, let’s hope whatever projects Pádraic has in mind are a success.

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