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28th Feb 2021

A new pizza place and bottle shop combo has opened up in Drumcondra

James Fenton

Getting a pizza and a couple of beers in on a Saturday night is very much a lockdown tradition at this stage in if you’re in Drumcondra, the task just got easier.

Knead Pizza & Bottleshop opened up in the area earlier this week and and will provide all the food and drink needs for locals a visitors to Drumcondra (when permitted) alike. Located above the long-standing Cat & Cage pub on Drumcondra Road, it officially opened up on Thursday of this week.

Boasting a wide range of different beers, it won’t take long to find one that matches your pizza preferences. Knead were open until 9pm on Saturday but an announcement on regular opening hours will arrive in the coming week.

In the meantime, you can catch up on everything Knead-related on Instagram here. Let’s face it, it’s exactly what Drumcondra kneads right now. Sorry, not sorry.

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