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19th Jan 2022

You can now eat teeny tiny works of art as part of afternoon tea at the Merrion

Fiona Frawley

eclairs and buns topped with miniature works of art - one is a watercolour, one an abstract collage and one a traditional painting in a mini ornate gold frame

The boujiness levels are off the charts.

Only in the Merrion would you be able to enjoy afternoon tea featuring cakes and scones topped with miniature works of art.

The five star hotel have just launched their Art Afternoon Tea, inspired by their own collection of paintings. So if you’ve been looking for an eclair topped with a watercolour or a bun garnished with an ornate gilded frame, look no further.

The inspiration for Art Tea comes from the Merrion’s neighbours the National Gallery, where The Turner Watercolour Exhibition takes place until the end of this month.

The Merrion website’s description of the special afternoon tea reads:

Treat yourself to a slice of 19th- or 20th-century art served on fine china with miniature sweet creations inspired by the work of J.B Yeats, William Scott, Louis Le Brocquy and others.

They also describe it as the “most lavish afternoon tea in Dublin” which to be fair, we wouldn’t doubt.

What do you reckon, too good to eat? Or would you get a kick out of consuming a beloved masterpiece in two swift bites? If you’re looking to treat yourself to an afternoon of glamour and short lived art appreciation, you can get booking for Art Tea now on the Merrion WEBSITE. Short lived because you’ll be eating the art… get it….

I’ll let myself out.

Header image via Instagram/merrionhotel

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