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11th Oct 2020

‘A+ for effort’ – George’s St restaurant thinks outside the box for outdoor dining

Megan Cassidy

Super creative.

With Covid restrictions only seeming to move in one direction of late, bars and restaurants have had to get seriously innovative in order to keep the lights on.

For the majority of Dublin city restaurants, Level 3 restrictions have made it necessary to shutter completely – read Tapas De Lola’s heartbreaking letter here – and for others they are still clutching at straws and begging for more help from the government.

That’s why its bittersweet to see Acapulco, famed for its delicious authentic Mexican cuisine, having to stretch to such lengths to seat six customers.

They certainly are making the best of a bad situation.

If you want to support your local restaurants and cafes, why not consider booking a table midweek when things are quieter, as per the advice of Tapas de Lolas proprietors Vanessa and Anna. 

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Lead image via Instagram/acapulcodublin