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12th May 2021

Beef Butter is a thing and it’s a must have for BBQ season!

Lynda Keogh

Yes, you read that right – Beef Butter. Its a thing and you need it.

Gaz Smith is the genius, foodie extraordinaire and Twitter fiend behind the much-loved Michael’s in Mount Merrion. Not only has he been keeping us fed with insanely good restaurant quality take-out meals throughout lockdown, he’s also been coming up with the most incredible must-try dishes – and now condiments.

Beef Butter was only released yesterday, and we can imagine it will be like gold-dust to get your hands on it! Gaz suggest smearing it on your steak for the last minute of cooking for that extra umami, moreish flavour. Maybe on your homemade burgers. Or it’s also good to pop a bit into sauces or gravy for that additional oomph. Add pizzazz to your rice or potatoes too with a dollop and mix of this stuff.

So, basically what we’re saying is – put this on anything and everything to level up, and give your BBQ game and summer dinners a bit of something extra. Beef crackling heaven.

Count us in for a pot of this stuff!

Lead Image via Instagram/michaels_dublin

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