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20th Dec 2016

Coffeeangel Official HQ Just Opened To The Public And Its Future Looks Extremely Bright


Coffeeangel opened its fourth and newest shop to the public last week on Trinity Street, and they’re planning to do a lot more than just serve coffee…

Coffeeangel HQ is absolutely gorgeous; housed in what was formally a meeting space for the Ansbacher Affair, this historical building has beautiful Georgian architecture with a modern touch.

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At the moment, this spot is primarily a take-away coffee shop, as it’s void of any tables and chairs on the ground floor. However, people are found standing around tall counters enjoying those gorgeous cups of goodness, Italian-style. 

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The plan is to use a back room as an ‘advice room’ – where baristas can answer anything and everything coffee-related, demonstrate the various techniques of pouring, help customers find their perfect brew, or even just have a chat.

Conversational coffee at its very best. 

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Coffeeangel have taken over the entire building for their HQ; four floors in total, each serving a different purpose. The second floor, for example, has a private room with wickedly fast broadband and a flat screen TV, so it’s ideal as a business meeting space.

On the next floor you’ll find a private room to rent out.  Perfect as a team-building space, or just a spot to enjoy some good coffee and pastries with your closest friends.


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It’ll be booked by the hour, and they plan to do a set price for tasty treats, coffee (and maybe even wine!) for you and the group.

The top floor is a ‘training and presentation space’, where the new Coffeeangel staff perfects their pours. Public trainings will be offered in the near future, such as Aeropress classes or desert and coffee pairings. 

The goal is to work on synergies and evolve this spot into a collaborative and educational environment, with tasty food and drink included. 

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All the rooms will be open and accessible to customers sometime in September, once they are fully complete.

Owner Karl Purdy explained that the HQ office is a work in progress, and he wants it to be a place that anyone and everyone will love stepping into. 

“We want to make sure you come in, walk out, and you’re blown away.” 

Karl Purdy, Coffeeangel founder

At the end of the day, as Purdy says, it all just comes down to coffee.

And boy, do Coffeeangel do it well. 

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