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20th Dec 2016

‘Gianni Is Waiting’: This Dublin Restaurant’s Christmas Tweet Is Wonderfully Creepy


Halloween may have come and gone – but that hasn’t stopped this Dublin restaurant from going full-on freaky in their bid to promote their festive lineup.

We can’t be sure what it is about The Unicorn‘s tweet, and the beautiful if slightly disturbing animated video loop that comes with it.

Is it the eyes that can most definitely see into the depths of your soul? Is it the eerie stillness contrasted with the silent, consistent flow of the cocktail?

Is it the ominous-sounding declaration that ‘Gianni is waiting’?

Have a look if you dare

Whatever it is about this hypnotic masterpiece, it’s made us want to go to No 5 Vinoteca – and it’s made us want to go there right now.

After all… Gianni is waiting.