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24th Feb 2020

It’s your turn for a free lunch in Dublin this week if your name is Karl or Karen

James Fenton

If there are any Karens or Karls in your phone book it might be an idea to message them and let them know that they’re entitled to a free lunch at the Back Page this week.

This Phibsboro spot has confirmed that Karen and Karl are the lucky names that will grant their owners free grub at the venue this week. The offer is a weekly tradition at this stage and after Jordans and Janices were rewarded last week, it’s the turn of two popular ‘K’ names.

To reiterate, that’s Karl with a ‘K’ and not Carl with a ‘C’ so if you’re the latter, you can forget about turning up at the Back Page looking for a free lunch. Sure, you could chance your arm but that would just be spoiling it for the rest of us, wouldn’t it?

The offer of a free lunch for Karls and Karens at the Back Page is valid from Monday to Friday between the hours of 12 noon and 3.30pm.