McDonald's Has Just Gotten A HUGE Upgrade And It Actually Looks Brilliant

Introducing McDonald's Next...

Mcdonalds Main

It's McDonald's, but not as we know it.

Hong Kong is now home to a whole new version of the fast food chain, in fact it's so different that you'd never recognise it if not for its standard yellow M out the front: this is McDonald's Next.

What sets it apart from an ordinary McD's? See for yourself. 

Mcds 1
Mcds 2
Mcds 3
Mcds 4
Mcds 5
Mcds 6
Mcds 7

Pics: Ross Honeysett

Mcds 8
Mcds 9
Mcds 10

Pics: Hong Kong Navi

As you can see, McDonald's Next has a completely different look. According to, design firm Landini Associates worked with the fast food giant in order to generate this sleek new aesthetic for the outlet near Admiralty Station in Hong Kong.

Adding to the futuristic feel is the incorporation of Touch Your Taste screens, which allow customers to design their own burgers.

The salads and toppings used are now on display at a deli counter and they look pretty damn fresh. Have a look at it from the customers point of view. 

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You know a place has gotten fancy when they start serving on breadboards.  

Would you like to see McDonald's Next crop up in Dublin? Let us know in the comments.

Pictures: Ross Honeysett and Hong Kong Navi.

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