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29th Sep 2018

One Of The Best Restaurants In Dublin Is Hiding In Plain Sight


Choosing where to eat in Dublin can be an absolute minefield; there’s so many options right now, which is a great thing of course, but can mean that when it comes to planning a meal out it’s kinda tough.

What if we told you one of the nicest restaurants in town is hiding in plain sight?

Just out of the hustle and bustle of Grafton Street, and not reaching quite as far as Temple Bar, this is an area of town you wouldn’t usually think of when it comes to heading for a delish dinner.

Tucked away on Poolbeg Street, you’ll find this charming little gem…

The Vintage Kitchen is the kinda place you just “pop down” to, but be warned, it can seat no more than, we guess, 25 people, so you might want to book if you have your heart set on this food haven.


The Vintage Kitchen is real rustic, good cooking

Think home style cooking but on a majorly professional level.

The vintage kitchen Cajun seafood chowder is a spicy new take on an old classic, and adds a tangy kick to the traditional Irish dish.

Incredible local produce is a real highlight on the menu, shown off to perfection with the Doran’s smoked salmon, pink shrimp cocktail, horseradish puree, endive salad, followed by a Grilled filet of prime Irish Beef, caponata, tenderloin of Broccoli, roasted baby parsnip, spiced sautéed potatoes.

Truffle fan? You’ve gotta try the truffle & kale rice, with roasted vegetables, roasted pumpkin seeds, green garlic puree.

It’s super cosy, and it’s BYOW (Bring Yo’ Own Wine)

They’ve always prided themselves on having a no corkage fee for wine, you just bring your own bottle and slug away to your hearts content. Rising rents mean that sadly from January this won’t be the case, but the corkage fee will be kept small and at only €3 is well worth it.

Music lover? It’s also BYOV – Bring Your Own Vinyl, don’tcha know. Quirky furnishings, mismatched chairs and tables, and old timey ornaments like the ones you’d see in your Granny’s country kitchen give this place seriously chill vibes.

It’s basically like a dinner party in your house but with way, way better grub.

Next time you want a plate of food that really wows, step away from the main streets, and discover this beautiful little restaurant.

Header image: Emmy_C/Instagram

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