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23rd May 2019

10 Outrageously Notions Things Every Dubliner Secretly Dreams Of Doing


Ahhh to have endless wealth in Dublin’s fair city, eh? You could go where ever you liked, eat out every single evening, and live a life of #notions in complete and utter bliss.

Dubliners are a funny bunch. We give out about anything and everything, and the very idea of someone you know paying top dollah for anything outrageous provides office gossip for a week.

But you have to admit, aren’t there a few things you’d secretly love to do in Dublin if you could? They might be pure notions, but we bet the majority of Dubs have secretly dreamed of doing these…

1. Buying a pint in Temple Bar and not even looking at the bill

You’ll be just like those fancy Ameri-cahhns.

2. Getting a taxi to and from work every day and never using public transport again

Farewell sweet LUAS, adios Dublin Bus. We’ll never rummage for change again.

3. Having afternoon tea at a different five-star hotel every Sunday

And yes, you will upgrade to the champagne option.

Afternoon Tea 100

4. Eating overpriced fancy American cereal for brekkie

Those Lucky Charms feel even luckier when you can actually afford ’em.

5. Doing your entire food shop in Marks & Spencer

Just think of all those ready meals. The exotic fruit. The crumbly cookies. The PERCY PIGS.

6. Living the rest of your notion-y life in the penthouse suite at The Morgan

Gaze out at all the minions below on the cobbled streets.

7. Getting a Brown Thomas loyalty card and actually spending enough money to get points on it

You won’t even have to wait for the Stephen’s Day sale.

Shutterstock 536024146

8. Buying a holiday home in Dalkey for the summer and only visiting it once

C’ya laaaaaaaaaaaaater.

9. Ordering an almond milk decafe extra-hot flat white in a takeaway cup but “I’ll drink it here” every morning

Dairy just doesn’t agree with you when you’re full of notions, okay?

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10. Having a Coppers gold card

The ultimate night out.

Notions, the lot of ’em.

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