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30th Dec 2016

3 Fantastic Places To Try Reformer Pilates In Dublin In 2017

Alana Laverty

The first time I tried reformer pilates I felt awkward, uncomfortable and kind of life a fish out of water.

The next day every muscle in my body was in agony – but the good kind. Muscles that I didn’t even knew existed were aching. 

It wasn’t a bad experience, and definitely not enough to turn me off it completely.

So I decided to give it another go, and another go. And gradually I got better at it and it became more enjoyable. 

It’s an unusual workout in that it targets very different parts of the body in unusual positions and workouts. It’s highly enjoyable and unique. 

I’ve tried out a few different classes and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. Check out the following:

1. Pilates Plus Dublin

Based out in Dun Laoghaire, this studio using the LaGree method of Proformer pilates. They have seriously high tech equipment – the first of its kind in Dublin.

It’s a relaxing and chill environment with a lovely atmosphere and superb trainers who are encouraging, kind and tailor all workouts to suit you and your abilities.

I would highly recommend these guys!

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2. Platinum Pilates 

These guys recently opened a new studio in Greystones, for all of our lovely Wicklow readers, but also have studios in Stillorgan, Rathmines, on Leeson Street and on Sandymount Green.

They offer a really high standard class, with a personal hands on approach. 

It will improve your balance, posture, strength and fitness. 

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3. Form School

Everything about this Grattan Street studio is gorgeous, from the retro boarding school-style logo to the are-you-sure-we’re-not-in-a-boutique-hotel décor. 

‘In strength we trust’ is Form School’s motto, and it walks the walk with an innovative menu of reformer Pilates classes, ballet barre and yoga. 

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Give it a go – you might surprise yourself and enjoy it, like I did.

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