5 Amazing Netflix Documentaries To End The Weekend On

Take shelter, Monday is on its way

Alive Inside

There's nothing like the thoughts of Monday morning to send you cowering in a warm corner with your laptop.


Throw on the kettle, make a cuppa and pretend it's Friday still with one of these riveting documentaries.

1. Alive Inside 

A powerful and moving documentary about music's ability to combat memory loss and restore a deep sense of self to those suffering from it.

In one word: amazing.

2. Virunga

Our token animal doc for the week has got to be Virunga. 

The story of a group of brave individuals risking their lives to save the last of the world's mountain gorillas. 

Terrifying yet touching. 

3. For Grace

If you're a foodie then you'll adore this.

The tale of world-renowned chef Curtis Duffy, his troubled past, family tragedy and how he overcame it all. 

Inspiring to say the least.

4. Iris 

At 93 fashion legend Iris Apfel is still very much at the top of her game. 

This documentary is as entertaining as it is interesting.

5. SOMM: Into the Bottle

If wine is your passion in life then you've probably already seen this.

If not, get watching. 

A fascinating doc about the history, politics, art and taste of wine told through ten very different bottles. A unique documentary style that is as refreshing as a crisp glass of vino itself.

Snuggle up and enjoy.

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