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23rd Mar 2022

7 budget friendly options for Mother’s Day

Katy Thornton

budget friendly mothers day

It’s the end of the month, and things are tight!

Mother’s Day falls on the 27th March this year, which means it’s at the end of the month (thanks Captain Obvious). However, that also happens to mean for some it’s right before payday, and if you’re a little disorganised, that could be a problem. No need to fret though. Here’s some budget friendly activities for Mother’s Day that will still show your mam, or the mother figure in your life, that you care (without breaking the bank).

National Gallery

Your mam doesn’t need to know that it’s free to go to the National Gallery (although if she’s an art lover, she may well know already). Still, a visit to the gallery and then splashing out on some tea and cakes at the café sounds like a gorge budget friendly Mother’s Day activity to me. Check out what exhibitions are available currently HERE.

Botanic Gardens

If your mam loves gardening and flowers, a trip to the Botanic Gardens could be just the ticket. You need to book in your time slot, but otherwise entry is free, and with this incoming heatwave, your insta pics of the landscape will be popping.

Phoenix Park Stroll

After two years of lockdowns, I think we all got used to having a little afternoon stroll and our steps hitting well over 10k a day. If your mam misses those days, why not bring her for a lovely stroll around Phoenix Park. You can visit the café for coffee and snacks, and check out the beautiful sights (hopefully catching a glimpse of the deer). If Phoenix Park is too far out for you, choose a park more local. Maybe even bring a picnic. It’s not exactly a groundbreaking idea, but it can be an effective one.

Flowers & Card

Look, you can’t beat it. You can get some beautiful flowers at a very reasonable price, either in Aldi or Lidl, and if you put some thought into choosing a card, it can go a long way when it comes to make your mum feel special. If you’re creative, or just really want to save that cash, why not make the card yourself? (And if you’re not gifted in that area, there’s always Moonpig.)


Dublin has a ton of markets on at the moment, and with the glorious weather we’re currently having (to be hotter than Malaga is what word on the street is) a little outdoor stroll through the various vendors can’t be beat as a budget friendly option for Mother’s Day. Try Herbert Park Market, Bushy Park Market, Marlay Park Market, or any of the other fabulous markets happening in Dublin right now.

Home Dining Kit

If you’re already good in the kitchen, a home cooked meal never went unappreciated. But if you need a little help in that department, why not order a home dining kit? You’ll get all the ingredients, plus the directions on how to use them, and the Uno Pizza kit below is very affordable. If your Mum loves Mexican food, Boojum also does an unreal fajita kit for under €30.

Tasting Menu

This one is on the more spenny side, but if you order a platter, you can share everything, which cuts the cost down a little. Lucky Tortoise Dumpling Company on Aungier Street does an All In Platter for €28 which comes with a little bit of everything; perfect for sharing.

Realistically no matter what you do, your mam, or mother figure is going to love the effort that’s gone in. It really is all about the thought that goes into something; she’s not going to care that you didn’t spend hundreds on a gift.

Header image via Instagram/nationalbotanicgardens_ireland

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