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16th Nov 2018

Is Carter Beauty Cosmetics Any Good?

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Finding a good foundation can be such a struggle.

I don’t know about you but I’ve gotten it into my head that any foundation under thirty quid isn’t going to impress me.

Am I a snob for thinking this way?


I will say however, this is an idea that I’ve developed over time from using various products.

I’ve been using foundation from Urban Decay, Inglot and Mac over the last few years and last month during a very broke time in my life post-holiday, I purchased a drugstore branded foundation for a tenner.

The foundation was absolutely violent. It was streaky, it stank and it lasted about a total of twenty seconds on my face.

I was not impressed.

So when I saw that Marissa Carter had released a new makeup range that was almost too good to be true in terms of price point, I just had to investigate.

Carter Beauty Cosmetics has a wide range of products from eyelashes to concealers, baking powder to lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes to foundations.

I was most interested in the foundation and eyeshadow however, as they would be my go-to beauty products.

So I picked up a few bits, I gave them a go and I’ve been only dying to share this write-up with you ever since.

Here’s a breakdown of my thoughts on the products, starting with my faves.

The Foundation

I’ve been wearing the foundation for about two weeks. I wanted to try it out properly and really gather my thoughts before putting this together.

I feel as though sometimes when you’re writing a review on a beauty product (especially one you’ve been excited about) you can only see its high points on the first and second go.

Let me start by saying this, the foundation from Carter Beauty Cosmetics is the perfect balance between good value and good quality. It’s nothing like that crappy bottle I purchased in a drugstore a month back.

This is probably my favourite product from the range.

The foundation comes in a wide range of shades so even the Snow White’s like me can look stun – no ghastly dark lines between your neck and face.

It’s easy to apply, it has a nice finish to it and it lasts.

In terms of pits (every product has to have them) I did find sometimes on areas such as my forehead there would be some streaky parts. It seemed the foundation would sink into my frown lines, this just required and extra blend over at the end and that would fix it.

I also found in the mornings after making a few phone calls that a bit had transferred onto my phone screen, which doesn’t usually happen with my other foundations. I still seemed to have full coverage on my skin however.

I was asked numerous times over the last few weeks what foundation I was wearing, so that’s always a good sign. I think this is an ideal day foundation and I’ll stick to my heavy duty formulas like All Nighter by Urban Decay for nights out and occasion wear.

Definitely more peaks than pits – a product I would recommend highly.

The Eyeshadow

Anyone who knows me will know that eyeshadow is my muse.

I have more palettes than I’d like to admit to and since I’ve gotten my Carter Beauty Warm Velvet palette, I’ve used it every single day. The colours are exactly what I look for in a palette – no random greens, purples or blues that I’d never ever use.

I really liked that there was a mixture of mattes and glitters, warm colours and light – you could create so many different looks with it.

Again, I think this eyeshadow is ideal for day wear. I had one night out and I found myself reaching for a different palette, blending in some colours from that one with my Carter Cosmetics.

It’s good value, the shadows have a nice pigment and are easy to blend.



My least favourite product I tried was probably the primer.

The gel is quite thick so it when I squeezed the dropper, it didn’t fill up. I found myself sticking a small brush into the bottle to try collect some of the product.

I prefer primer creams as well so I wasn’t mad on the oily texture of the gel.


I really like the blusher and bronzer from this range. It’s easy to apply, it blends well and it lasts all day.

I found all four colours suited my skin tone, which is rare. Usually in packs like that I use one colour and the others are either too light or too dark.

I’ve been mixing it up using different colours with different looks.

Contour stick

I found this quite thick and sticky, not ideal for blending.

I think you’d be much better using the Covert Concealer instead as that has a much nicer texture to it.


I loved the eyelashes, really natural but still enough to give you that wow-factor.

They were easy to apply and weren’t too heavy on my lid.

Final Thoughts

My tops picks are the foundation and eyeshadow.

Having products like that in your makeup bag could never be a bad idea.

For a tenner, it’s an absolute steal – I really was impressed.

Have you tried it? Leave your thoughts below.