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20th Dec 2016

Clip-On Man Buns Are Now A Thing So That’s Proof That The World Must Be Ending


Man buns have divided families, friend groups and even caused relationships to break up since they appeared on the scene a year or two ago.

But love them or hate them, they seem to be increasing in popularity with every second guy on Camden Street sporting a man bun or a ‘mun’, if you will, of late…


So, what if you want to get in on this trend but you can’t pull together enough hair for a bun? Buy a clip-on one of course!

For anyone interested, you can purchase them on Amazon or Groupon.


Photo credit: Groupon.

Screen-Shot-2015-11-10-at-13.40.45 1

Photo credit: Groupon.

Did you ever hear such notions?

It’s the end of the world as we know it…

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