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04th Jan 2019

A Customer Went Berserk At A Dublin Barista For The Pettiest Of Reasons

James Fenton

When it comes to retail, the old saying “the customer is always right” is generally abided by. Happy customers are good for business after all. There are times though, when the best course of action might just be to tell an angry customer where to go. Take this incident which is said to have taken place in a Dublin coffee shop for instance.

Reddit user CathalMcSuibhne witnessed an altercation that left him so incensed he had to share it to gauge if his reaction was the right one. Taking place at Butlers on College Green, the story starts when the poster hears a woman giving what he calls “dogs abuse” to a barista seemingly because she was given her drink in the wrong cardboard cup. You see, she wanted a red one instead of a black one, of course.

When it was explained that the red cardboard cups were only used during the Christmas season, the woman wasn’t satisfied. Cathal points out that she “was having none of this and was continuing to berate the baristas and just having a freak out in general.”

Cathal goes on to say that “She pretended to ring Butlers on the top of Grafton Street to see if they had the red cup (or maybe it was her friend in the other Butlers). Then she offered the phone to the supervisor who declined. At this point I felt annoyed for the barista as I had been in positions like this before. “

It is then that the story concludes with Cathal saying to the woman “its just a cardboard cup love, get a grip” before looks at him and he says “don’t be harassing workers over the colour of a cardboard cup, you miserable b*tch.”

Cathal then walks out forgetting his cappuccino, bless him. The full story can be viewed here and to answer Cathal’s question, was he in the right to call the woman out or should he have left it alone? Let us know in the comments.

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