DSPCA launch 'Lurcher Lounge' for rescue dogs in need of homes

By Fiona Frawley

August 26, 2022 at 10:56am


Couch Potato Adoption Day is underway.

As many people may know, there are a huge amount of lurchers, greyhounds and other sighthounds available for adoption in Ireland. These leggy pups are commonly used for hunting, poaching and racing and are among the most frequently abandoned dogs in the country. If you follow any Irish dog shelters online, you'll probably have seen countless posts of sighthounds arriving into their care after being neglected and abused, in desperate need of rehoming as shelters become overcrowded.

As any of these shelters will tell you, lurchers and other sighthounds are also extremely affectionate and make amazing pets, and after a burst of "frantic zoomies" tend to retire to the couch for the rest of the day. So naturally, the best way to highlight this was by creating a lurcher lounge, where potential owners can come to see sighthounds in their natural habitat.

The lurcher lounge is DSPCA's way of celebrating the "couch potato ways" of sighthounds, and giving potential adopters an idea of what life could be like with one of these dogs in their care.


The resulting content is among the most wholesome you could ever hope to encounter.

Images via DSPCA 

The Lurcher Lounge is open until tomorrow (Saturday 27th) if you'd like to pay a visit - with Ruff Café on hand if you fancy a coffee afterwards.


Header image via Instagram/dspcashelter

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