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20th Sep 2023

Dublin one of the cities most obsessed with botox according to new data

Katy Thornton

We’re just behind Amsterdam.

Botox has fast been catching up with the filler trend, and with many celebrities documenting their experiences dissolving their lips, cheeks and jaws, botox is bound to overtake it as the most popular cosmetic procedure.

When botox first landed on the Irish market there was an air of caution, however, the trend has since been normalised, and new data has shown that Dubliners are now ‘obsessed’ with it.

VIP Italia analysed Google search data and found out which European cities are the most obsessed with anti-ageing treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers and facelifts.

All search results were normalised per 100,000 residents.

The research revealed that Dublin is the second-most youth-obsessed city, with residents making 1,191 searches for youth-preserving procedures every month.

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In first place was Amsterdam.

“The Dutch capital is renowned for being a pretty liberal city so it makes sense that Amsterdam ranks as the top city where people are looking for age-defying treatments,” the study noted.

According to Google search data, with consideration of Amsterdam’s population, around 1,523 searches are made for treatments like Botox and facelifts every month.

The owner of a beauty clinic in Amsterdam spoke about the findings and said: “There is an overwhelming appreciation for innovation and artistry in our city.

“Naturally, this extends to the practice of self-care.

“But most people get these treatments to simply preserve beauty as opposed to trying to look like a completely different person to achieve Instagram likes.”

This article originally appeared on HER

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