This 20-Year-Old Irish Lad Has Just Launched A Slick Watch Company With A Social Impact

These unisex watches are really gorgeous

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Sam McAllister is a 20-year-old Trinity student who has launched something pretty feckin' slick. 

A unisex watch company that plant a tree for every watch sold!

StemWatches is a concept we can definitely get behind. 

Through their partners WeForest a tree is panted for every single watch purchased. These trees benefit local communities by creating bio-diverse, indigenous forests. 

Planting trees also offers social justice as it provides jobs for men & women in what are typically impoverished regions, enabling them to send their children to school. 

Stem Watches was founded out of frustration with unethical practices & astonishing profit margins. We are fully transparent about our goals & pricing. 

​Sam McAllister, CEO of StemWatches

And the watches themselves? Simple, yet stunning. 

Tight Rose Gold Stem Watches

Our watches are influenced by contemporary minimalist designs while invoking vintage heritage through the use of classic colour combinations and domed glass. Our precision manufacturing procedures create a watch that can withstand the demands of your everyday life. 

They are crafted from surgical-grade 316L stainless steel and have waterproof, calfskin leather straps sourced from tanneries in northern Italy. The watches also use a unique quick-release mechanism designed to facilitate easy strap switching. This allows you to mix and match looks as you please. You'll never tire of wearing the same watch again. 

Two Tight Stem Watches

Wanna get your hands on one?

Stem Watches’ Kickstarter is set to launch tomorrow, November 8, with the campaign lasting one month only!

Never heard of Kickstarter? In a nutshell: it has an ‘all-or-nothing’ policy with distinct advantages for both the creator and backers. 

The project creator defines their target amount of money to raise, allowing them to pitch an idea without risk. Similarly backers who pledge for the product will only pay if the project gets a green light, essentially working as a pre-order system. No money is taken from you if the project fails to reach it’s target funding so if you want one, get sharing come launch day!

It's a really cool system, allowing young innovative, entrepreneurial people like Sam to create something amazing! 

We first met Sam through his Instagram account, through which he shares stunning photographs which we often share on our own social accounts.

We look forward to seeing great success for StemWatches.

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