Stats Show That Michael Conlan Should Have Won Yesterday

Further proof he was robbed

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Michael Conlan, the previous bantamweight (56kg) world number one, fought in Rio yesterday against Russia's Vladimir Nikitin, in a match that was set to be a comfortable win for the Belfast-born boxer. 

However, against Michael's better judgement, the win was awarded to Nikitin.

According to US boxing statistics website Compubox, Conlan threw more punches than his Russian counterpart, with a staggering 365 in comparison to 257. He also landed 89 of these punches (24.4%) as opposed to Vladimir Nikitin's 75 (29.25%).

To add fuel to the fire, Michael Conlan also threw, and landed, the greatest number of power punches during the match – at 82 compared to 71. 

However, the statistics do indeed back up the unanimous decision to give the first round to Nikitin, as he landed 26 of the 72 punches he threw in comparison to 18 of Conlan's 114.

While Compubox statistics only give so much indication of who is going to win a fight, they do paint a picture. Replying to a tweet from a fan, the team at Compubox had this to say about the fight:

Conlan had a 71-49 edge in landed punches over last 2 rounds

Compubox, Twitter

However painful it may be to read, the computer backs up the theory that Conlan should have easily taken the last round, giving him the win and his rightful place in the semi-final. Landing 31 out of his 126 compared to the Russian's 21 out of 87.

It is suggested that the judges opted for the Russian because he drew the Irishman into his preferred brawling style, which may have somewhat tipped the scale in his favour. But it still stands that numerically speaking, Conlan should have walked right into that semi-final, no question.


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Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin.