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20th Dec 2016

9 Essential Movies Every Fashion Fan Should See


For every fashion lover, there is a long list of movies that you simply must see. 

There are the ones that look great, the ones that teach us about style, the ones that remind us that the fashion biz can be a bit over the top and ridiculous. 

Here are 9 movies every fashion fan should see. 

1. The Devil Wears Prada

OK, let’s just get this one off the list first and foremost. We’ve all seen it, we all love it, it does everything a good fashion slash rom com movie should be. Plus Meryl teaches us more than a few life and fashion lessons along the way. 

And for anyone who has ever interned at a magazine or worked in the fashion industry, this film is spookily accurate. Call this your Fashion 101. Florals for spring, anyone? 

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2. Bill Cunnignham New York 

This documentary follows the life of the former New York Times street style photographer as he cycles his way around Manhattan capturing its most stylish citizens. 

This is a love letter to New York and a beautiful portrayal of one of fashion’s most beloved characters. 


3. Zoolander 

Not just for fashion lovers, this film is like a fine wine – it just gets better with age. The characters are all based on real life fashion folk too. Which is mildly terrifying. 


4. Funny Face 

Pretty much anything Audrey Hepburn has been in is worth a watch for her impeccable style, but Funny Face is extra special. Set in Paris, every frame is Vogue-worthy. This is a classic. 

Gac Funny Face2

5. Dior and I 

This is a haute couture-lovers dream. The documentary follows Dior’s former head designer Raf Simons as he presents his first ever collection for the French fashion house. 

This is a fascinating look at what happens behind the doors of a fashion house and what it takes to impress the world of fashion. 

Dior And I Movie Raf

6. Coco Before Chanel

Audrey Tautou stars as the famous Coco Chanel in this French film. It follows her life as she founds her famous fashion house and is a great rags-to-riches story about one of the most important people in fashion, ever. 


7. A Single Man 

Ah Tom Ford. Is there anything he can’t make incredibly sexy? Nope, and this film proves it. The American designer gained fame as the creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent before launching his own label in 2006. 

His first and only foray into film is a tour de force of all things fashionable starring Colin Firth who plays an English professor unable to cope after the sudden death of his boyfriend in 1960s Los Angeles. 

This is one of our all time favourites. 

Still4 Asingleman

8. Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s 

This documentary goes deep inside the insane world of New York City’s most legendary store, Bergdorf Goodman. 

From the designers to the window designers, everyone involved in the store is a dedicated fashion obsessive. Oh, and the customers are completely bonkers. This is one entertaining watch. 


9. The September Issue

Nobody ever really dared to imagine what actually happened behind the doors of the world’s most prolific fashion magazine until this documentary. 

The September issue, being the biggest and most important of the year, is the subject for the film starring Anna Wintour and her right hand woman, Grace Coddington. Ms Wintour as terrifying as you’d imagine. 

Rochas Pfw Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2011 Show 1

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