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04th Feb 2020

One person made 21 noise complaints to Dublin Airport PER DAY last year

James Fenton

It has emerged that one individual made nearly 8,000 complaints about noise at Dublin Airport in 2019, contributing to a ten-fold increase on 2018.

Per the Irish Independent, the person was so perturbed by the racket of overhead planes that they made 7,786 complaints which works out as a daily average of 21 throughout the year.

The individual’s protests made up for over half of the total of the 15,160 complaints made to Dublin Airport in 2019, which was up from just 1,453 in 2018.

The figures were published by the Dublin Airport Authority in a statement which revealed that the person in question resides in Ongar, north west Dublin which is approximately 20km from Dublin Airport. However, a spokesperson for DAA said: “Airport noise is subjective and is personal to each individual.”

Aside from this one individual, the highest number of complaints about noise at Dublin Airport came from Swords (37), Portmarnock (27), Hollystown (25), St Margaret’s (20) and Tyrellstown (13).

The spokesperson added that “DAA works closely with all stakeholders to minimise noise at the airport. A balance has to be achieved between the concerns of local residents and the needs of the Irish economy.”

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