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07th Aug 2018

I Tried The ‘World’s Softest Organic Bed Linen’ And Slept Like A Log

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

I’ve been loving Irish made products recently.

I’ve picked up quite a few jewellery pieces, I often buy from Irish brands in the supermarket and lately I got bed linen that is designed in Dublin.

Supporting local is so important but it’s also just a nice thought that the product comes from your own country. You could walk past the designer on the street any day without even realising. It just makes it a little more special.

Last week I tried out organic bed linen from White And Green.

White And Green is a family owned business based in Dublin. Mother Sari and her two daughters Rebecca and Danielle came together to create high quality, ethically produced organic cotton sheets.

Back in the day, sheets used to be of the highest quality and would have been passed down through generations. Nowadays it’s hard to find a good set for a reasonable price.

Have you ever bought new sheets that have turned out to be scratchy, uncomfortable and smelly?

I know I have.

One of my favourite parts of going to a hotel is sleeping in those crisp, white sheets. I couldn’t wait to have this in my own room for once.

My package arrived in a stunning green box tied with a ribbon. I immediately changed my sheets, put on a fresh pair of pjs and prepared myself for a well-needed sleep.

I really did notice a difference, it was so comfy and cosy.

The company works directly with organic cotton farmers in a Fairtrade factory in India. The cotton industry right now is renowned for human rights abuses including slavery and child labour. This company pay the high wages to their workers, they receive pensions, medical insurance for their entire family, rent allowance and sponsored meals.

They have chosen the cotton themselves and combined with their design, have created a unique product.

These will definitely be my go-to sheets, my new faves.

The sheets are also really easy to wash and iron, which is key.

The company also sells baby clothes, homeware items and scarves.

How much are they?

A duvet set comes at €159.

Compared to other premium sheets, this is pretty good value and because they’re made to last it’s a staple purchase.

Sleeping in these sheets was luxury and knowing that they are produced in an ethical way was the cherry on top.

If this sounds like something you’d be into you can check out the full website here.

For now, I’m going to have to remember to take my makeup off after a night on the town, I never want those gleaming white sheets to be orange!

Codladh sámh!

Header image: @whiteandgreen

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