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01st May 2018

PICS: These ‘Humans Of Repeal’ Photos Reveal People’s Reasons For Voting Yes


With the referendum on the Eighth Amendment just 24 days away, people all over the country are vocalising their opinions on both sides of the voting spectrum. 

One such person who has chosen to display her support for repealing the 8th is Molly Keane, a 19-year-old professional fashion and portrait photographer living in Dublin. 

Taking inspiration from Humans of New York, Molly has created a Humans of Repeal photography series that reveals the reasons behind 30 Irish people’s ‘Yes’ vote in the upcoming referendum. 

Speaking to Lovin Dublin, Molly says that “my Humans of Repeal portrait series consists of stories of real Irish people. Normal people. People who have been personally affected. by the 8th and people who know someone who has been. People with children and people with disabilities who oppose the 8th.”

Molly is sharing one photo a day on her Instagram from now until May 25, and the series features normal people as well as acclaimed Irish director Lenny Abrahamson 

Lenny says that: ‘The 8th should never have been put in our constitution. It makes Irish women less safe and less free, and blocks progress towards laws based on rationality and compassion rather than superstition and the impulse to control.’

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Other photographs in the Humans of Repeal series share different reasons for why they’re voting yes…

Molly added that “with this project, I hope that people will see many many different perspectives on why we need to vote Yes to Repeal, and if this project convinces even just a few people to vote yes on May 25th, I will be very happy and proud of everyone who gave their time to me and took part. 

“I’m very proud of everyone who agreed to be a part of this portrait series, because it’s important to stand up and let your voice be heard when you’re fighting for what you know and believe is right, and I couldn’t have done this project without the help of every person I photographed so it means a lot.”

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