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PICS: Stop The Lights – We’ve Found Our Dream City Centre Home

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Yep. It’s finally happened. We’ve found our complete and utter perfect dream home.

The only slight issue? It’s on sale for €1.5 million. 

Yes, it’s WAY out of our budget. But where there’s a will there’s a way. We’re gonna be lighting a hundred candles every evening, playing Lotto seven days a week and scoping out some Cryptocurrency in the hopes of ever having enough dough to buy this beaut.

What could possibly have us so enamoured? It’s this particular four-bed, two-bath brick house on 37 Synge Street, Portobello, Dublin 8.

The house dates from 1864 and despite several decades of use as bedsits the property retains “almost all of its original fabric, including extensive ornate decorative plasterwork in variety of motifs, all of the original fireplaces, restored working sash windows, floors and stunning staircase.”

It was restored by its current owner in 2010 to all its former glory and we’re obsessed

Screen Shot 2018 05 28 At 13 18 10
Screen Shot 2018 05 28 At 13 18 00

The kitchen has a Kilkenny limestone fireplace with an Aga cooker and all the bedrooms have cosy fireplaces too

We would curl up in ALL of these spots every single evening for a read of our book. 

Screen Shot 2018 05 28 At 13 28 28
Screen Shot 2018 05 28 At 13 30 07
Screen Shot 2018 05 28 At 13 29 56
Screen Shot 2018 05 28 At 13 29 47

The bathroom has a black and white tiled floor with pretty sash windows…

Pamper days here will be 100x better than anywhere else, guaranteed.

Screen Shot 2018 05 28 At 13 30 15

But it’s the jungle-style garden that really captures our hearts

PLEASE. Someone set us up with a prince/amazing investment idea so we can move in here and live happily ever after.

Screen Shot 2018 05 28 At 13 33 47
Screen Shot 2018 05 28 At 13 33 38

It’s pure perfection. 

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