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30th Mar 2017

The 7 Best Places To Lock Up Your Bike In Dublin


Keeping your bike safe in the city can be a mammoth task. 

Between people swearing by two locks, taking their wheels with them or paying hundreds for car parking spaces to be sure – you can’t be too careful.

We’ve found that certain spots around the city are better than others for parking your beloved, and here’s our pick of the very best places to park it up – but, y’know, no guarantees.

1. Trinity College

Always busy, locked at night, and generally filled with people. In and around this beautiful campus, your bike is pretty safe. 

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2. Outside the Dáil

With all that security and important people traffic, no one’s gonna rob your stuff.

The Da?il 2

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3. Outside Hodges & Figgis, Dawson Street

Usually parking your bike somewhere with a lot of people traffic is a good way to go about it, and with half the student population, most of the tourist population and a good dash of the worker bees living and being around this area, it’s usually a safe bet.

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4. Pearse Street Garda Station

You’re literally surrounded by guards – it’s perfect.

Also a good place to store your bicycle late at night. 

Bd Pearsegarda 1

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5. Drury Street Car Park

If you want to leave your bike overnight in the city, head to Drury Street – there is a Dublin Corporation car park where you can park your bike for up to 48 hours, free of charge.

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6. Beside The GPO

Another busy, tourism hub – with constant streams of eyes around, thanks to history and, eh, Penneys. 

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7. Wicklow Street

Another street that’s generally busy but not too busy, Wicklow Street has your back in terms of loads of eyes but not loads of perpetrators. Ideal news.

Dub Dublin Wicklow Street 3008X2000

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Got any more to add to the list? Just let us know in the comments.

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