11 Things You Genuinely Miss About ‘The Country’ After You Move To Dublin

By seank

July 12, 2019 at 7:01am



As much as we love Dublin, we have to admit that the countryside trumps it many departments.

While the capital has more restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, music, comedy, movies, activities, public transport, job opportunities and nice things in general than any other urban centre in Ireland, it doesn't quite have everything you could want.

While I've no intention of moving back to my own hometown any time soon, I do have to admit I find myself missing some of its quainter aspects...

Actually being able to see the stars

But then again, who needs to see the glittering of those celestial orbs when you've got the constant glow of street lights that will always seep through your curtains?


Silence during the night


Call us old-fashioned, but we're just not that "into" noise pollution.

Everywhere you walk is scenic AF

Who doesn't love going walkies? Now most weekends you find yourself trying to get as far away from the city centre as possible to find the very best spots for dirt, grass and trees.

Being stuck behind a herd of cows is a genuine excuse for being late

However, it doesn't get on your nerves when it happens. How could you get mad at those doe-eyed, milk-making dotes?

"Hi boss — it happened again"

The sheer calmness of the place

In terms of the pace of life, the difference between the city and the country is comparable to the difference in speed between a Lamborghini and a Massey Ferguson.

The simple tractor literally determines the pace of life in the country

Pretty much every pub does a lock-in

Huzzah for the blatant flouting of Ireland's drinking laws!

"This may be tremendously irresponsible but, by God, is it some craic"

Knowing your neighbours

Whereas in the Big Smoke you're lucky if you accidentally make eye contact with the lad next door when you're both taking out the bins.

You just don't get touching scenes like this in the city

Saluting everyone you pass in the street

Look, we're simply far too busy doing Dublin things, we can't be expected to have to acknowledge the existence of any human being we may encounter.

Being out of the loop

How did your second cousin get on in that accountancy exam?! That shit'll keep you up at night.

Cheap haircuts

We're up here in Dublin dropping €20 plus for a trim like suckers, while the boyos down the country are getting a shaved head, a forced conversation and access to selection of 12-month-old magazines for just €8. Bargain!

Pints that cost less than €4

I think I miss you most of all.


Is there anything missing from our list? Let us know in the comments.

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