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12th Jun 2017

This App Has Solved One Of The Most Frustrating Things About Camping At Festivals


There’s nothing like festival season… even if the elements are giving music fans a bit of a battering this month.

Of course, there is one struggle that we’re all familiar with… the aimless wander around the campsite looking for your tent in the wee hours of the morning.

With everyone opting for the €20 bargain pop-up from their local supermarket, it’s nightmare to find your tent through a haze of exhaustion and overpriced pints – and can lead to some pretty embarrassing near-misses.

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Luckily, one company has come with an absolutely genius invention that promises to solve this problem for once and for all.

Tent Finder allows you to record the exact location of your tent with GPS, so that you can easily pinpoint where it is when you return.

Genius, right?

You can also share locations with your friends, get updates on the weather and listen to some festival-friendly podcasts to put you to sleep – much kinder to the ears that that eejit singing Wonderwall 417 times in a row.

Now, if only we could keep the battery charged….

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