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15th Nov 2021

This Aston Quay spot is doing half price coffees for the remainder of November!

Katy Thornton

This is bound to put a little pep in your step!

Although some believe these are the superior months (ahem, myself) others aren’t huge fans of the cold days and darker evenings. Happy Endings on Aston Quay however is doing a little deal in November to lessen the blow. For the remainder of November, Happy Endings is serving half price coffee, all day, every day!

That’s right, half price, for the rest of the month. Coffee always tastes a little better when you’re getting a great deal. For all our caffeine addicted friends, maybe you can even get two coffees for the price of one.

Happy Endings are always keeping us on our toes. Last week they had a special of oysters and Meanies. Yes, like the crisps. Pop in if you’re feeling curious, or if you just want your coffee for half the regular price.

Happy Endings opens from 8.30am to 10pm Monday through to Sunday. We know where we’re getting our caffeine fix this month.

Header image via Instagram/happyendingsdublin

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