This Crazy Fitness Class In Dublin Looks Like Absolute Mad Craic

We wanna try this


It's hard to get up off your ass sometimes and hit the gym, we get it.

After a long ol' day sitting in your cosy office chair the very last thing you want to do is pound the treadmill and listen to your seriously repetitive gym playlist.

But then we spotted this absolutely pumping trampoline fitness class, and it looks like completely and utter mad craic.

We've seen a few other trampoline classes before, but the sheer energy and enthusiasm of Boogie Bounce Xtreme makes this particular one pop out.

Just LOOK at how gas this is...

If we knew we were gonna be bouncin' around like mad yokes on a trampoline we reckon we'd be exercising a lot, lot more.

Who's up for this?

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