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These Are The Best Places In Dublin For A First Date

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There’s no denying that the dating world has radically changed in recent years thanks to apps like Tinder and Bumble. While our parents were going to dances to meet one another, us millennials can simply unlock our phones to find potential partners, easy peasy… right?

It seems however, though there are quite a lot of people on Tinder, there are some who are too afraid to take the plunge and actually go on a date. 

Well, now is the best time to take a leap of faith and get swiping!

We wanted to find out the best place in Dublin to go for a Tinder date, and what better way to find out this information than to get it straight from the horses mouth! 

We matched with 50 men on Tinder and asked their advice.

The message to each man read:

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Here are some of the best answers we got: 

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Full Size Render 6
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Full Size Render 13

Ladies, you heard it hear first, Dublin guys have a few tricks up their sleeves. We’d be happy for any of these gents to take us out if that’s what a date had in store.

We did get some pretty quirky answers too, however:

Full Size Render 8
Full Size Render 11

If there is one thing we found out from this, it’s that Dublin guys are super friendly and pure hilarious.

So go on ladies, now is your chance, send that first message!

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