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11th Sep 2018

Tried And Tested: We Tried Out The New NC Palette From Inglot

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

I’ve loved makeup since I was about thirteen years old.

I remember buying my very first eyeshadow palette on a flight and I could barely sit still, I just wanted to get home and try out every single colour. From that point on, eyes were my favourite thing to do, they still are. I spend way more time blending colours on my lids than I do on any other part of my face.

I’ve been using Urban Decay for years but recently I started adding a few other brands to my makeup bag, one of those being Inglot.

I bought myself a freedom palette and about four colours whilst on a trip in Krakow. These are now my go-to daily colours and I often get asked what eyeshadow I use when I have it on.

So, when I heard that Inglot were releasing a brand new palette, I had to check it out.

Inglot launched the NC Palette about a month ago and I was one of the first to get my hands on it.

The palette includes five colours, all with hints of pinks and berry shades.

The colours were handpicked Inglot MUA, Niamh Cleary, who won Make Up Artist of the Year at Inglot’s Annual Awards this year.

Speaking about the palette, Niamh said: “I love how versatile it is. I wanted something both soft and glam, perfect for any occasion.”

The palette introduces two brand new shades, the shades included are 166, 162, 361, 55 and 282.

When I first looked at the palette I wasn’t sure whether I’d like it or not. I’m more of a browns-and-golds kind of girl so to have a palette that’s entirely made up of deeper colours, that did scare me a little.

I imagine it’s much harder to fix a mistake made with such colours.

One thing I will say is that the pictures do not do it justice. The white colour has a very prominent pink tinge to it and the lightest pink colour has a lot more sparkle to it.

I got my brushes and began to blend.

One thing I want to show on Tried and Tested is what the palette looks like when a non-MUA uses it. My makeup skills are boarder-line average so I hope this gives you a bit more of a real indication of what it will look like.

Applying the shadows, I did find that they blend well. There’s a really nice pigmentation to them, much like inglots other shadows. I usually find that the glittery shades and much darker colours have better pigmentation to them to the light mattes, which was the case for this palette also. I guess you just need to applying a little bit more when it comes to light, matte colours.

The colours are very out there. I’m not too sure I’d be wearing them to work on a normal day. It’s more of a festival vibe or maybe occasion wear.

I was really happy with how the colours looked when I had finished my makeup but it did take me much longer than usual to perfect it, probably because I wasn’t used to these colours.

Screenshot 20180911 103454
Screenshot 20180911 103444
Screenshot 20180911 103447

All in all, I actually like this palette more than I expected to. Because there’s only five shadows in it, it’s a really handy one to have with you on the go.

The pinks have added a new element to my eyeshadow game that I feel comfortable in and see myself wearing for fun occasions.

At €40, you’re getting exactly what you pay for. The shadows on their own are €6 and the freedom palette is €10, so if you’d rather pick your own colours, that’s probably a better alternative.

If there’s something you’d like me to try out make sure to leave it in the comments below and it may appear next week.