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29th Mar 2022

Temple Bar welcomes a new spot for budding burrito lovers

Katy Thornton

burrito tula temple bar

Dublin’s need for burrito spots will truly never be met. As a result, we embrace every new Mexican restaurant that opens, including Tula Mexican Grill.

There’s a certain obsession with burritos in this county, and I’m not mad about it. Dublin tends to go through phases of popping up food spots of similar themes (for a few years there it was donut shops). For the last little while it’s been burritos, competing with the ever popular pizza obsession, and as an avid Mexican food lover, I’ll not be saying no anytime soon to nachos, tacos, or anything covered in melted cheese and guac. Look, I don’t know what gives rice, beans, and meat the right to taste so good together, but I don’t make the rules okay?

So you can imagine my excitement at seeing that Temple Bar has welcomed a brand new Mexican Grill called Tula.

Tula opened the week of Paddy’s Day on Essex Street and they’ve got an insane opening offer. From now until the 15th April, it’s 2 for 1 on burritos, tacos, and bowls (you can check the T&Cs HERE, but it’s a stunning little deal no matter what way you look at it). So bring a friend (or just get yourself two meals for the price of one) and enjoy some amazing Mexican food. Tula promises only to use the finest and freshest ingredients; have a look at their menu HERE.

They open Sunday to Wednesday 11am to 11pm, and Thursday to Saturday 11am to midnight.

Header image via Instagram/tulamexicangrill

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