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15th Mar 2023

Dublin city off-licenses asked to refrain from selling alcohol until 4pm on Paddy’s Day

Katy Thornton

pubs banned paddy's day

Some crucial info if you’re stocking up ahead of our national holiday.

According to the Licensed Vintners Association, Dublin City centre pubs, supermarkets and off licences have been asked to refrain from off license sales until after 4pm on St Patrick’s Day.

The voluntary ban would be in place until 4pm on March 17th, after which off-licenses and other premises could resume the sale of alcohol; the area in question stretches from St. Stephen’s Green to Parnell Square.

pubs banned paddy's day

The Irish Times reports that this ban includes the prohibition of taking alcohol on public transport as well.

This initiative is in a bid to make the parade and festivities a more pleasant experience for everyone heading into town on St. Patrick’s Day. Assistant Garda Commissioner Angela Willis said the wilful participation of pubs and off-licenses in the ban significantly contributes to the enjoyment of the day.

While previously it was thought Dublin city centre pubs were participating in the ban, we’ve since learned they will be open the full permitted hours of 12.30pm to 12.30am on St Patrick’s Day given how important this day of trade is to them.

According to The Irish Times, Donal O’Keefe of the Licensed Vintners Association said this of the alcohol ban extending to pubs.

“Under no circumstances will we be shut until 4pm on St Patrick’s Day. Pubs are an integral part of the festival. They come to us for drink, they come to us for food. We haven’t been asked to close.”

The Paddy’s Day parade will begin at midday and is expected to run for two hours.

Following the parade, the gardaí will gather at Temple Bar to prevent over-crowding in the area. There’s expected to be 600 gardaí on duty in the city centre, starting work from 5am on the 17th.

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