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Dublin Dog Walkers Warned Of Fatal Substance On Beaches

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Fingal County Council have issued a warning to people walking their dogs on Dublin beaches after a lump of solidified palm oil, known as a ‘fatberg’, washed ashore at Hoare’s Rock, Skerries.

The white lumps of congealed palm oil are believed to have come from cargo washed off a ship in the English Channel.

Dogs are attracted to the small of the fatbergs, and can be tempted to eat them. Several dogs in Britain have been killed in the past after eating them on beaches.

Fatbergs are a waxy yellow or white substance, and can smell strongly of diesel of firelighters.

A Fingal County Council spokesperson said

“We believe the discovery of this material in Skerries on Sunday is an isolated incident as we have not had any other sightings along the Fingal coastline.

“The material is a solid white substance which is known as a ‘Palm Oil Fatberg’ and they can range in size from being as small as a golf ball to as big as a boulder.

“We are asking the public to be vigilant as this substance can be harmful to dogs.”


Palm Oil ‘Fatberg’ found on Skerries Beach. Image: Fingal County Council

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