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11th May 2020

Johnny Logan and Dickie Rock involved in bizarre feud

Brian Dillon

Johnny Logan and Dickie Rock involved in bizarre feud

Irish singers Johnny Logan and Dickie Rock have been involved in a strange exchange of words, and we’re not quite sure what to think of it.

In an interview with The Irish Times, Logan was asked about his thoughts on fellow Irish Eurovision Song Contest contestant Dickie Rock, and it was fairly interesting. Logan had this to say:

“What would Dickie Rock know about being a musician? My life was a lot different from Dickie’s. Dickie’s idea of an international tour was to have a gig in England.

“He bought a pub in Spain so he could gig there. That’s the reality of it. We know Dickie in Ireland but go out of here and say ‘Dickie Rock’ and people will think you are talking about some kind of stone you’d find in a museum.

“I love Dickie but he’s a legend in his own head, he lives in a fantasy world.

He added, “You know, I’ve sang for Pope John Paul, for the Queen of England, for Prince Charles, for Lady Diana – when she was alive – for the government of Ireland, for every head of state in Europe. I toured with the Royal Symphony Orchestra. I’ve done the London Palladium, about 20 times, Top of the Pops about 14 times. Get Dickie to match one of those, you know?”

Rock gave his thoughts on Logan in an interview with The Sun, saying, “Give Johnny a hug? I’d give him a fucking box. I’m 82. Even now I’d give him a box.”

He also said, “Johnny seems to be blowing off his own achievements an awful lot. Johnny must be very insecure. His career is mostly abroad and he is very successful at it.

“I’m happy that Irish people know me. I am happy to be at home and not to have to go away to pursue success.”

As far as celebrity beef goes, we were not expecting this one to come about.

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