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25th Sep 2020

Plan in place to allow partners to join maternity appointments virtually

James Fenton

The HSE is considering allowing partners to join in with maternity appointments virtually as Covid-19 restrictions remain in place around the country.

Numerous complaints have been made about women having to face maternity appointments such as scans and even the early part of labour alone. However, the Irish Times is reporting that the HSE has drawn up a document which could allow for a telelink link to be set up for partners who aren’t allowed to be physically present in the room.

The document will examine if ‘t is ‘possible to have a telelink with a partner via a smartphone or camera where it can be pointed out, ‘This is what we are looking at here, this looks good, etc.’

The rules would be reviewed weekly by each maternity service. The HSE added that it is not known when Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted and it will be up to each hospital to decide on this.

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