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03rd Mar 2023

Road between Capel Street and O’Connell Street to become traffic free, ensuring ‘relaxing city strolls’

Fiona Frawley

Mary Street in Dublin, full of people. The spire can be seen in the background

The saga of Capel Street’s pedestrianisation continues.

Since the deepest throes of lockdown number one, the pedestrianisation of Capel Street has been a hot topic of conversation.

It all started with a traffic-free trial way back in the summer of 2021. As the summer drew to a close, so too did the trial – only to be extended by DCC after a wave of Twitter backlash.

Following the undisputed success of the pedestrianisation, the Council decided to make Capel Street permanently traffic-free in May 2022. While the move was welcomed by most Dubliners, some residents in the area complained of being “tortured with traffic and illegal parking outside their doors”. After a few months of the pedestrianisation, businessman Richard Guiney also said that many businesses on the street were disappointed with current levels of trade, and would prefer if traffic could access the street during the day.

However, our car-free oasis held firm, and this month will bring with it even further pedestrianisation for the north side of Dublin City.

From March 27th, traffic will be removed on Mary Street between Wolfe Tone and Jervis Lane Upper, creating a pedestrianised route from O’Connell St all the way to Capel.

The news was confirmed by Councillor Janet Horner on Twitter, who believes the change will bring with it “more relaxing city strolls.

Ms Horner also confirmed that deliveries will be facilitated on the street every day between 6am and 11am, the disabled parking bay on Mary Street will be relocated to Wolfe Tone Street, and the one parking space on Mary Street will be removed. 

The change comes into effect at the end of this month, just in time for leisurely Spring saunters.

Header image via Shutterstock 

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