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Security Guards Called To North Dublin Driving Licence Centre After People Refused To Leave

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Security had to be called to a National Driver Licence Service centre in Santry last Thursday after a group of people who had been waiting in the queue for their driving licence refused to leave when the centre was closing. 

The Journal reports that a group had been in the queue for up to two hours to try get an appointment to apply for their driving licence, however the last call for appointments was at 4.50pm, with the centre closing at 5pm. 

At this time, people were told that they could not be seen and were asked to leave. About 8-10 people refused, saying they had been waiting a long time at the centre and they needed their licence urgently. 

An argument broke out between some of the group and a staff member before security was called to defuse the situation. 

After around 25 minutes, everyone left and the staff closed the centre.

There are four driving licence service centres in Dublin, with no available appointments online in Santry until April 30. It’s reported that 50% of appointments are given to walk-ins on the day. 

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