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07th Feb 2018

Whoever Is Selling This IFSC Car Parking Space Is Making A Serious Profit


This is worrying. Not only do we have the fear of never being able to afford a house in Dublin, we’re now scared that we can’t even afford a car park space. 

An ad on Daft that was posted today by Sherry Fitzgerald lists a car parking space for sale in Custom House in the IFSC. It can be all yours for a mere €32,000. Yikes.

Considering the average salary in Dublin is €36,534, that’s an INSANE price to pay for somewhere to park your car.

It gets worse… The car park space that’s for sale now for 32k was originally for sale eight months ago for 18k.

We know because we wrote about this exact ad at the time and it was up for sale then for €18,000.

Basically, in less than a year the price of the parking space rose by just over 77%.

The description on both is exactly the same: “This is a unique opportunity to acquire a secure underground parking space in the heart of Dublin’ s financial district. 

“Located within Custom House Square in the heart of the IFSC in a gated underground area. 

“This space would be ideal for residents who did not have the option to purchase a space at the time or someone looking for the convenience of a space close to good public transport.”

Jaysus. Either someone bought the car park space to use and are now selling it as they no longer need it, or whoever bought it had the foresight to see they could make a pretty penny out of reselling it at later date. 

Who on earth is able to pay €2,666 a month in car park space money?!

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