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18th Aug 2017

7 Essentials For Your Irish Summer Wardrobe

Alana Laverty

We are in the thick of an Irish summer right now and typically as ever the sun could appear at any moment and so it’s vital that we are dressed for the occasion at all times.

Planning and buying our outfits and seeing what everyone else is wearing is one of our favorite parts of summer.

With the recent good weather we’re ditching our jeans, tights and jumpers for lighter, brighter and more fun clothes and accessories to hit the town. 

And that’s why we’re super excited to team up with Bulmers Light and maven46 to bring you all the hottest Irish summer fashion trends right now. 

Here are seven essentials your wardrobe should include for summer 2017:

1. Floral Doc Martens 

Military boots will never get old and make absolutely everyone look unreal. 

Especially when they’re floral. 

Plus, with our bipolar Irish weather they cover you come rain or shine. 

Bulmers Shoes New New

2. Metallic sunglasses 

Not only are these handy for your friends to use as a mirror, but they also look super slick. 

Shades on, can’t see the haters! 

Bulmers Sunglasses New

3. Big earrings

The bigger the better and colour is king here. 

Think tasseled, colourful bohemian earrings with fringes. 

Bulmers Earrings New

4. Floppy hats 

Not only do they provide vital sun protection for your face, but they also make you look as elegant as Audrey Hepburn circa 1960. 


Bulmers Hat Cropped

5. Double denim 

Denim on denim on denim on denim. 

There’s something about this trend that feels so wrong, but looks so right. 

Bulmers Shirts New

6. The cold shoulder 

Off-the-shoulder tops can be seen literally everywhere these days. 

And there’s a reason why – they look so summery and so fab. 

Bulmers Shoulders New

7. Crochet  

A little bit of a harder one to pull off, but you’ll be well-rewarded with one of the coolest looks of your life if you do. 

Expect heads to turn your way. 

Bulmers Crochet New

So now! You’re totally sorted for this Irish summer. Head over to the maven46 here to read about the Irish creatives shaping fashion now.

Prepare to look the best you ever have.