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23rd Jan 2018

Nine Delicious Personal Trainer-Approved Takeaways To Order In Dublin Tonight


There’s generally at least one day of the week when you just don’t have the time or energy to cook dinner.

While there are plenty of takeaway options, many can often be more hassle than they’re worth, as they undo all of the great work you’ve put in at the gym during the week.

Worry not, dear reader, as we feel your pain and we’ve finally solved the problem.

We enlisted the help of personal trainer Cathal Fleming of The Lab Fitness to choose nine tasty dishes that give you all the enjoyment of a takeaway – while still staying on the healthy(ish) bandwagon.

So, is it really possible to eat takeaway and maintain a balanced diet?

Yes, according to Cathal, whose top tip is to choose seafood and stirfry dishes over those that feature “deep fried” or “crispy skin” in the description. 

In many cases, the sauce is likely to contain the majority of the calories so making a beeline for sauce-free dishes like tandoor-cooked chicken is a great start. 

Cathal also recommends avoiding butter or cream-based dishes if you’re trying to eat healthy and also gave us the great tip of boiling rice at home, as it will have a much lower calorie content and will also save you a few quid! 

Lastly, forget ordering soft drinks with your meal and opt for some water instead.

Any other suggestions?

Funny you asked – here are nine dishes that Cathal has given the thumbs-up!

The Flashover Pizza – Firehouse Pizza

It’s difficult to eat healthy with
pizza but go thin base (saves calories), go easy on the cheese (ask
for low-fat options or no cheese – add yourself at home) and cut down
on sausage/pepperoni (high fat content). 

Leaving the dips and sauces will save you even more calories but if you’re feeling particularly virtuous, go for the Chicken Caesar Salad.

Saba Boom (Prawn Or Chicken) – Saba

This is a fiery stir-fry with red curry paste, bird’s eye chillies, string beans, peppers, baby corn, fresh peppercorn & galangal root. 

The best bit? It’s under 400cals.

Goan Hunter’s Chicken Curry – Bombay Pantry

We love a good curry and this one has chicken, kale, sweet potato, broccoli, coconut milk and a handmade green chilli ginger paste. Nom!

Salmon Sashimi – Wasabi Restaurant

New to sushi? Sashimi is raw fish, roll/maki is fish and rice and Nigiri is rice with fish on top. This eight-piece selection is a great intro and a super healthy choice. Well done you!

Screen Shot 2016 09 16 At 17 39 42

Burrito Bowl – Tolteca

Get a bowl, which gives you all the fillings without the tortilla, which can be 300 calories alone! Chicken packs massive flavour and is the leanest meat on the menu. If you’re looking to cut more carbs, leave out the rice and just go for meat, peppers, salsa, lettuce and beans. 

Screen Shot 2016 09 16 At 17 40 43

O’Falafel Salad – O’Falafel

As with Tolteca, the majority of the calories come with the wrap so if you’re looking to save your calories, avoid it where you can. 

Ask for some sheets of lettuce to make your own, low-cal wrap instead. Most places are happy to supply free of charge – just add it to the comments when placing your order!

Shutterstock 363359750

Farm Irish Fish Pie – Farm Restaurant

Fish pies are so so tasty and these ones are made with smoked Irish haddock, cod & organic salmon topped with apple & shallot mashed potato, Coolea Irish cheese and served with a fresh crisp side salad.

Restaurant food in the comfort of your own home with zero guilt = the dream.

Half Smoked Chicken With Two Sides – Pitt Bros.

Opt for corn on the cob and house slaw for a really tasty and satisfying dinner. This one has lots of protein and low carbs so it’s a definitely winner.

Screen Shot 2016 09 16 At 18 06 36

Teppan Tuna Teriyaki – Zakura

Stir-fried seasonal vegetables topped with grilled tuna steak, garnished with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds, served with a bowl of Japanese rice. How do you say no to that?

Post Workout Salad – Pog Dublin

If you need your protein and carbs after a heavy sesh at the gym, try this spinach, chicken, roasted sweet potato, red onion, peppers, sweetcorn and honey mustard dressing combo. Very virtuous and no less delicious, trust us.