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25th Jun 2021

BBQ bites and the ultimate cocktail: How to create a blissful Aperitivo moment at home

Brian Dillon

BBQ bites and the ultimate cocktail: How to create a blissful Aperitivo moment at home

Summer 2021 is all about making the most of the back garden. With delicious food and the most delightful cocktail in hand, it’s all about creating stellar vibes with those we haven’t seen in a minute. We have teamed up with Aperol to inspire you to enjoy the ultimate Aperitivo moment in the back garden this summer.

There’s very little we need for the perfect Aperitivo moment this summer. As long as we’re surrounded by our favourite people, enjoying delicious BBQ bites and have a stylish drink in hand, we’re all set. We’re teaming up with Aperol to bring you the inspo to do just that.

Picture it now: our pals have just arrived. Everyone is in their best summer attire and the mood is just right. It’s time for a drink, so grub and a long-overdue catch up.

First of all, what is an ‘Aperitivo moment’? It’s a beloved ritual that was born in Venice over 250 years ago. Having quickly grown in popularity in Italy and beyond, Aperitivo involves enjoying a drink before dining with friends or family. With that in mind, we’re planning on bringing a taste of Italy into the back garden.

First of all, we need a tasty drink. To make a simple test delicious Aperol Spritz, here are the steps to follow:

  • Start with an Aperol Spritz glass full of ice.
  • Add 50ml Prosecco followed by 50ml Aperol.
  • Add a dash of Soda Water and give it a quick stir.
  • Finish by topping it with a fresh slice of orange.

Aperol as an Apéritif goes really great with food, so what’s on the menu?

As Carol Byrne hosts the ultimate Apertivo moment in the back garden for her gal pals, she opts for some bits from the Firepit range in Tesco, which makes for a stunning BBQ experience this summer. Between skewers, wings, sizzling steaks and sides, there is something to suit everyone tastes. You can check out more about that here.

Did you know that you can now buy an amazing Aperol Spritz Kit with everything you need to enjoy the perfect Aperol Spritz at home? This Aperol Spritz Kit includes Aperol 70cl, La Fara Prosecco 75cl, Schweppes Soda Water 1L, an Aperol Spritz Glass, Aperol Spritz Sunglasses and an Aperol Spritz Tote Bag. For just €39.95 you can get all of this delivered to your door (delivery included to anywhere on the Island of Ireland)! Grab it here.

Now that you have your perfect Aperol Spritz, BBQ bites and the gals around you, it’s time to raise a glass to summer 2021!

Please enjoy Aperol responsibly.

Brought to you by Aperol.