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18th Aug 2017

‘Blended’ Courses Can Change Your Life — Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Them


We all have moments where we seriously consider changing course in life.

Maybe you’re feeling unfulfilled in your current role and you’re in need of a new direction, but the idea of committing yourself completely to a new field of study is intimidating or straight-up unfeasible.

If that sounds familiar to you, then maybe you should consider trying a ‘blended’ course.

But what is a blended course? Good question.

A blended course is a combination of live and online classes, meaning that you get the advantages that come from a virtual classroom (you get to work from home) but also the motivation that comes with an actual classroom (albeit far less frequently than with a traditional course).

A recent national survey conducted by Griffith College found blended learning is particularly appealing to mature students due to its flexibility and convenience. The research indicated that blended courses are perceived as the best option in terms of work-life balance and overall course quality. 

With a blended course, you’ll find all your lectures, readings and activities online, you’ll receive tutorials through webinars, and you’ll have traditional lectures and workshops with your fellow students on the course just once a month.

You’re also further supported by a study group and a mentor, so you have additional motivation to pull you through your online assignments.

There are plenty of benefits that go with a blended course, rather than a purely online or traditional setting.

It’s easier to maintain a work-life-study balance, fewer on-campus classes makes distance from college less of an inconvenience, and students are given plenty of support throughout their courses.

Know anyone who’d be interested in studying from home with just one actual classroom day a month? You can find find blended courses in business, law, accountancy and more at Griffith College HERE.