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14th Aug 2020

Dating in 2020: We’ve found the app that will help you meet your match

Brian Dillon

dating in 2020

It’s fair to say 2020 has been a bit of a challenge. Life certainly doesn’t look the same as it did a year ago, and that’s probably also true of your love life too. So with things feeling slightly more normal now, there’s no reason not to date. But if you’re fed up with dating apps full of people who waste your time, you should try something new. Introducing Inner Circle, the app that prides itself on taking dating seriously, while at the same time keeping it fun.

But how does it get that balance?

Firstly, Inner Circle members have profiles that represent them well, meaning others easily get an idea of who they are. Each account has to be detailed, using good pictures and being clear about their dating intentions – so there’s no ghosting or chat that leads nowhere.

dating in 2020

How does Inner Circle guarantee this? They screen each new member, but only for the right reasons. Let’s be real, nobody wants to come across topless selfies or confusing group shots. So if the team at Inner Circle think that the photos don’t give the best possible impression of a person, they simply ask the user to remove it and upload a better one.

These helpful screeners also keep a keen eye out for catfish accounts, fakes or scammers, because that’s the LAST thing you want on a dating app. They search the app for these accounts and simply delete any that they find. It means the people who are serious about dating and having the most fun don’t waste their time on nonsense accounts.

dating in 2020

Now, what is REALLY cool and sets this dating app apart from the others is that they recognise that magic moments happen in real life, and that’s the end goal. They host regular events, masterclasses and even pop-up festivals so singles can mix and mingle in a laid back, fun environment. While these are currently on hold due to Covid-19, they will be resuming them as soon as they can.

The app also has a ‘Discover’ section, which allows members to restaurants, bars, cafés and clubs all recommended by other users and perfect for first dates. It really takes the pressure off finding that perfect date venue.

dating in 2020

With their slick new logo, app and improved user experience, Inner Circle helps you meet your match by cutting out all of the endless chat. For those who take their love life seriously, online dating never looked so promising.

Inner Circle values real people who want to get real about online dating while having fun along the way.

So if you’re ready for something new, sign up to Inner Circle here.