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02nd Oct 2019

Dublin Pubs: Each With Its Own Take On Taste

Brian Dillon

Although there are many great things about our city, it would be difficult to argue that the pubs of Dublin aren’t the beating heart of the place.

They’re home to craic, culture, and most importantly, memories.

No matter where you’re local is, your favourite bar often feels like a second home.

It’s where those special connections are shared and meaningful memories are made.

And drinks are only one part of the experience in any Irish pub. A great pub will also do great food.

It’s where you’ll enjoy food from near and far, paired with a great Irish beer. Whether you’re experiencing the best that the Irish land and seas have to offer or you’re exploring exotic dishes and cuisines, a Dublin pub is the way to do it.

A Dublin pub is the place to discover unexpected culinary delights that will make you think twice about where you head next.

Dublin pubs really are the backbone of many a memory.

Check out this unreal video brought to you by the LVA and Franciscan Well.