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27th May 2019

Dubs Are Being Encouraged To Apply For The Community Spirit Awards

Brian Dillon

Any proper dub knows that you never depart a bus without giving a little “thank you” or “cheers” to the bus driver.

Well, now Dublin Bus employees are saying thanks to people who really deserve it. Because so many people in the Greater Dublin Area deserve at least a thank you for the amazing work they do for various causes.

The people of Dublin are good people, and these awards recognise that.

Dublin Bus employees today encouraged local voluntary and community groups, who work tirelessly all year round for amazing causes in our city, to apply for the Dublin Bus Community Spirit Awards (CSAs). Because there are so many groups out there doing fabulous work, and they deserve a bit of recognition for the difference they make.

Billy Daly has been a mechanic with Dublin Bus since 1987 and is the chairperson of Iona Arch Club, which is a social outlet for adults with special needs.

Billy explained the importance of the Community Spirit Award grants for groups like the Iona Arch Club:

“The CSAs are a fantastic way to help your club or group grow and develop. I have volunteered with the Iona Arch Club every Tuesday for the past 29 years. We all get together and play music, board games, dance or just sit down and have a chat. For us, funding means we can provide the care and resources that our members deserve. I encourage all local voluntary and community groups to make an application for the Dublin Bus CSAs.”

Since 2004, the CSAs have been supporting loads of groups that do fantastic work. They’ve supported nearly 1,900 groups so far that do a wide variety of important work, such as establishing cooking groups for asylum seekers living in Direct Provision, providing local sports clubs with much-needed defibrillators and helping charities support the welfare of children in hospitals.

The CSAs have also supported amazing groups that provide services for people with disabilities and older people, environmental groups, and educational services on alcohol, drugs, health and literacy.

Dublin Bus CEO Ray Coyne noted how the CSAs highlight the often unnoticed hard work of such groups:

“The work these groups do is instrumental in building our communities and we cannot thank them enough. I would also like to show my appreciation for the Dublin Bus employees who have shown an immense dedication to giving their time and helping those around them.

“The CSAs deservedly help to highlight the people who give up their time and resources to improve the lives of others. They show our continued support for the development of new projects and growing community services across Dublin.”

If you are part of a voluntary or community group doing amazing work in your local community, then you can apply for the 2019 Dublin Bus Community Spirit Awards until Friday, July 12 at 5pm, and you can submit your application here.

Successful applicants will then be notified from Saturday, August 31.