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03rd Aug 2017

11 Fashion Trends We’re So Very Happy No Longer Exist


Fashion is a peculiar thing — what’s hot today might be considered horrifying in 20 years time and we’ve no way to know what.

It’s only in hindsight that we can see the error of our ways and, looking back, we’ve committed some atrocious fashion crimes in our day.

To celebrate the fact that we’ve teamed up with Bulmers Light and maven46 to help you nail the perfect look this festival season. Bulmers Light is the perfect summer drink, it has the same characteristics as it’s parent brand, but it is lower in calories. We thought we’d take a look at a few fashion trends that were incredibly popular in the past, but have since become the stuff our nightmares are made of…

1. Ripped tights

If you’re guilty of this then you deserved those inevitable “couldn’t you afford the full pair?” jokes.

Untitled Design 11

2. Fur gilets

Fur may be murder, but fur gilets are an actual crime.

3. Tear away trousers

These genuinely seemed like a great idea at the time, what with all that ventilation. Oh, the folly of the youth. 

Untitled Design 10

4. Rara skirts

More like nah-nah skirts, amiright? 

No? Just me then.

5. The man-bun

Not only is Conor McGregor deadly in the Octagon, he also managed to kill an entire hairstyle by getting a trim.

Untitled Design 5

6. Flares

The ’70s called. They said keep the trousers.

7. Rave cargo pants

It was those damn colourful strings, man. Children were drawn to ’em like moths to a flame.  

Untitled Design 13

8. Shoulder pads

Harking back to those bygone days when bulky shoulders were legitimately considered sexy. Simpler times.

9. Sarongs

This item had the curious effect of making you feel like you were in a suncream ad.

Untitled Design 6

10. Farmer caps

Made popular by the positively fergilicious Fergie.

11. Tutu skirts with sports bras

No. Just… no.

Untitled Design 4

Thankfully, these fashion mistakes are now a thing of the past as we’ve teamed up with the folks at Bulmers Light and maven46 to give you style advice this festival season.